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Players Looking for Teams

Steve W.

M | Intermediate | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“HI, looking for a team to play with,I have played with a team on Thursdays before as a fill in and really enjoyed it and would like to play on a regular basis.

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Sreeram G.

M | Skilled | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking


Just moved to the area and looking to join a team to play ball. Intermediate to skilled level player. Let me know if any team needs a male player.”

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Breanne P.

F | Intermediate | Tuesday - Co-ed Non-Spiking

“Looking to join a Tuesday night or Wednesday team, been playing for a few years.”

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nigel N.

M | Skilled | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“Looking for a team to play on Thursdays co-ed spiking. Can play any position like to play power and can set really well if interested please give me a ring or shoot me a email 4167719988”

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A B.

F | Beginner | Wednesday - Women

“Looking to play beginner - intermediate level of play. ”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 35.1 days ago. | Replies: 2

Ally .

F | Intermediate | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“Two females looking to join either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s. We’ve been with the league for a few years (both indoor and outdoor) but our team folded this year unfortunately. We’re good team members, very dedicated and want to have some fun!
Let us know if you have any space. ”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 37.9 days ago. | Replies: 3

JC ..

F | Skilled | Tuesday - Co-ed Reverse 4's

“Hi! We are a pair of reliable, intermediate females looking to join a Tues Rev 4's team. Email if interested :)”

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Noelli M.

F | Intermediate | Wednesday - Women

“Looking to play on Tuesday or Wednesday. Beginner to intermediate. ”

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Gurjant R.

M | Skilled | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“Hi I am looking to join volleyball team. I have been playing from years. Text me at 647 803 0002 if you guys got space . Thanks ”

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Mike D.

M | Skilled | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“Looking to play on Thursday nights preferably low C or high D division. Was a left side and middle last year, but would prefer to set this year as a sprained ankle from the springtime continues to heal. If you're looking for a setter drop me a line! Thanks!”

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Matthew .

M | Skilled | Tuesday - Co-ed Reverse 4's

“Hey looking to play reverse 4's, I'm a skilled player who's confident in all aspects of the game, I'm also playing co Ed on Thursdays ”

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Marion L.

F | Intermediate | Wednesday - Women

“Played for several years both Ladies and Coed...Call me up if you need a player :-) ”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 44.1 days ago. | Replies: 8

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