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Players Looking for Teams

Michael B.

M | Intermediate | Tuesday - Co-ed Non-Spiking

“Looking for a Tuesday Night non spiking Team. 2 Girls and 1 Guy. All intermediate players. Previous team was separated due to people moving. ”

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Sim S.

F | Intermediate | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking


Looking for a thursday night co-ed spiking team.

I play on Tuesday's with a group of friends as well.

Message me if you have an opening. ”

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Charlene C.

F | Intermediate | Wednesday - Women's

“2 intermediate women looking to join a fun but competitive team. Unfortunately with injuries the team we were on last year has disbanded. Hit me up if interested!”

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Arlene Y.

F | Intermediate | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“Hi,I'm a Female who has played co-ed spiking in BVL for years. I am a decent player looking to have some competitive fun ...played in the mid D section last year ( Scared Hitless )”

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M | Skilled | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking


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JC ..

F | Skilled | Tuesday - Co-ed Reverse 4's

“Hi! We are a pair of reliable, skilled and intermediate females looking to join a Tues Rev 4's team. Email if interested :)”

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Majury ..

F | Beginner | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“Two females looking to join a co-ed spiking team. We played for the first time this past year in a different league. Looking to improve our skills and for a team that's interested in having fun and not too serious. ”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 9.3 days ago. | Replies: 1

Karen W.

M | Intermediate | Tuesday - Co-ed Non-Spiking

“Looking for one male for the winter season on Tuesday Co-Ed. Must be able to set. Email me if interested.”

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Jonas L.

M | Skilled | Thursday Co-ed Spiking 6

“I have played in BVL Thu night for two years. Last time I finished at D2-D3 division. I can play any position you need.”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 10.7 days ago. | Replies: 2

Hannah K.

F | Intermediate | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

“Looking to find an intermediate team for myself and my husband. I am tall and play middle - played throughout high school and rec in University. I am a bit rusty, but can hit and block. Husband plays offside and is a lefty. He can also hit and block. I would say he is mid to higher intermediate level. Looking to have fun, but also to be competitive. Contact me if you have an opening for two players! ”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 11.9 days ago. | Replies: 5

Bhupinder T.

M | Beginner | Tuesday - Co-ed Non-Spiking

“Me and my wife looking for team. having little bit experience but consider us beginners. ”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 12.4 days ago. | Replies: 4

Aman T.

F | Beginner | Wednesday - Women's

“Looking for women team. Payed at home so consider as beginner.”

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Faiz K.

M | Skilled | Thursday - Co-ed Spiking

Looking to join a team for Thursday’s coed indoor spiking. I’m a competitive, skilled player, best at power, left or right. Very reliable as I’m self employed so I can always be there for the team. Excited to join a fun and competitive team. Most importantly get some W’s!”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 13.7 days ago. | Replies: 2

Albert H.

M | Intermediate | Thursday Co-ed Spiking 6

“Hi, looking to play for a competitive team,yet still have some fun this season.I have been playing in the BVL for about 10yrs. I consider myself to be a higher intermediate skill player.Looking forward to hearing from you and playing this season.Cheers”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 14.3 days ago. | Replies: 1

Susan B.

F | Intermediate | Wednesday - Women's

“Hi, looking to join a fun yet competitive team this season. I've played volleyball for 25+ years and would say my skill level is high intermediate to skilled. I have played in BVL for about 6 years; some co-ed and beach, but usually C Division Women's. I'm a setter (main preference), but can play power or middle when really needed.
Contact me if you need a full-time player.”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 14.6 days ago. | Replies: 6

Nicole .

F | Intermediate | Wednesday Co-ed 4

“4 people looking to play indoor or outdoor volley ball 2 women, 2 men”

SEND REPLY | Posted: 24.2 days ago. | Replies: 1

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