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The Brampton Volleyball League considers the safety of our members and community partners to be of paramount importance. As such, as we look towards a fully re-opened Ontario and its effects on recreational sports organizations like our own, BVL has developed and implemented detailed directives on how we can effectively manage our ‘Return to Play’ objectives.  A COVID-19 Oversight Group has been assembled, acting as the first point of contact for league members, community partners, and City officials, etc. and a thorough list of COVID-19 protocols has been compiled for reference/adherence, which can be found here:  CLICK TO VIEW

What is the Brampton Volleyball League?

The Brampton Volleyball League (BVL) is a not-for-profit year round league operating in the city of Brampton run completely by volunteers from within the league. Its purpose is to provide recreational volleyball to residents of Brampton and the surrounding area.

When are the indoor and beach volleyball sessions?

The indoor session of the BVL runs from approximately mid October through end of April.  The beach session runs from approximately end of May to mid September.

What types of volleyball does the BVL provide?

We provide the following indoor divisions to our members: Co-ed 6's Competitive, Co-ed 6's Non-Spiking, Men's, Women's, and Reverse 4's. We also have the following outdoor Beach divisions during the summer months:Co-ed 6's Competitive, Co-ed 6's Non-Spiking, Co-ed 4's and Co-ed 2/4's.

Are there age restrictions in this league?

Yes there are. All members must be 18 years of age or older at the time of registration.

What is the difference between the Co-ed 6's Competitive and Co-ed 6's Non-Spiking divisions?

The Non-Spiking division does not permit overhand spiking of the ball. The league does not provide referees for this division and as a result the entry fee for the Non-Spiking division is lower than other divisions. Please note that the term Non-Spiking does not imply weaker or non-volleyball players. The caliber of players may or may not be higher than those in the competitive division.

Do you provide volleyball for non-skilled or low skilled players?

Yes we do. The BVL consists of approximately 200 teams of various skill levels. Our re-alignment and seeding system insures that you and/or your team are placed with players of your approximate skill level. We can provide a volleyball experience to all skill levels.

Can I sign up as an individual or must I sign up as part of a team?

The BVL accepts both individual and team entries for all divisions of play.

I have entered as an individual, will I get to play and how many players will be on my team?

Individual teams are formed when the proper ratio of men to women sign up to play based on first paid, first played. Co-ed teams normally are given 4-men and 4-women minimum. A waiting list is formed if the proper ratio is not obtained. There is no guarantee the players on your team will be at the same skill level as yourself.

How many teams may I play for during the year?

The BVL does not permit any member to play on more than one team in any division. There are no exceptions to this rule. A member may however play in different divisions for e.g. Co-ed and Reverse 4's.

Where do we play and on what nights?

The BVL play in schools through the Brampton area. See here for the location map. The divisions play on the following nights: Co-ed Competitive on Thursday, Men's, Co-ed Non Spiking and Reverse 4's on Tuesday, and Women's on Wednesday. Our Beach league offers volleyball on Monday through Thursday. The BVL also provides open Gyms for pickup on Monday and Friday nights.

At what time do we usually play?

All games are scheduled to play between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Times however do vary from division to division.

Does the BVL supply the nets, balls and referees?

The registration fees cover Gym rental, nets, poles and referees (referees are not provided in the Co-ed Non-Spiking or Reverse 4's divisions). Teams must however provide their own volleyballs.

What is the Pre-season Realignment?

Most Divisions have Re-alignment. In Co-ed Competitive the realignment process lasts 3 weeks. Last season for example, all 100 teams were pre-ranked from 1-100. Each week your team will play in a pool/group of 6 or 8 teams using a round robin format. At the end of night your team is ranked 1st through last in the pool/group. The top two teams move up to the bottom of the next higher division and the last two teams move down to the top of the next lower division. All other teams remain in the pool/group. This process continues for 3 weeks. This process insures that your team is playing at the proper skill level.

Are there more "Realignments" during the season when my team has a chance to move up a level?

Yes, the volleyball season is comprised of three or four rounds and just as in the re-alignment weeks the top two teams move up a level and the bottom 2 teams move down to a lower level at the end of that round. Some divisions may choose to move more or less teams at the end of the round (eg. Men's and Women's).

If someone wants to enter a new team that has players that played at a certain level the previous season, say C1, is it necessary to go through realignment, or can the team be placed at a higher level right away?

All teams must play in realignment session. It is part of the sorting process where teams must "earn" their ranking and/or level. The level, or past level, of your players doesn't necessarily reflect the level of your present team.

What players may I have on my roster and what are "subs"?

You must have a minimum of 6 players (for 6's teams) or 4 players (for Reverse 4's) and on your roster and no more than 12. You can have anyone on your roster as long as they don't appear on another team's roster. This rule pertains to spares and substitute players as well.

In the Co-ed Divisions, what are the specific rules for men and women on the court?

BVL rules are very specific about this. You may play with more women than men but not the other way around. Each division has it's own rules regarding the penalties for playing with more men than women.  For Co-ed Competitve if you choose to play 3 men and 2 women, you will give up 11 points at the start.

How do I protest a game?

The exact procedure to protest a game is written in the BVL OPERATIONAL RULES.

How do I make a reasonable complaint if I feel my team isn't getting a fair deal or have a problem with something?

Send us your complaint by e-mail or call the hotline. See the BVL OPERATIONAL RULES for more.

What are the default rules?

BVL rules are very strict; the first game is defaulted at the scheduled start time. The next, 10-minutes after that, and so on. You must have a minimum team present on the court to avoid default.

My game was late starting because the nets were not up. Don't we add that extra 15 minutes or so on to the end because it really wasn't our fault we started late?

No, your game starts and ends exactly as shown on your schedule and its up to you and your opponent to fit your game into your scheduled time slot.

Our referee didn't show up tonight. We waited 20 minutes before getting started. Don't we get that extra time added on to the end? Do we get a refund back from the BVL because we had no referee?

No, Again it is your teams' responsibility to get your games going on time even if your referee is not present. It is regrettable that some referees may not show up for games but refunds are not given for an occasional absent referee.

I have read all the FAQ's in this Newsletter; do I now know all the information I need to know?

No, of course not, each player should read all the BVL OPERATIONAL RULES to avoid arguments and misunderstandings during matches. Team Captains should attend all BVL meetings to learn current rule changes and requied conduct. Smoking or drinking in the gyms are examples of conduct that will get you suspended without refund. Generally speaking, a current knowledge of volleyball rules and common sense will keep you out of trouble. The BVL is meant to be fun and competitive and most of the time it is. It takes a full year to become familiar with the BVL. Be sure to contact the league with any questions you may have.

I want a refund. I cannot play in the BVL anymore. Do I get money back and when?

Refunds are issued due to: 1) Injury 2) Moving 3) Pregnancy. Refunds to individuals are only given to players who signed up as individuals and not from pre-existing teams. All refunds are on a pro-rated based on the time of the season you quit. Refunds are not given simply because you don't like your team. Refunds will take a few weeks to process, please be patient.

How do I find out everything that is going on in the BVL during the season?

Check out the BVL Website and BVL Facebook Group. Upcoming events are posted regularly to the front page. As well, providing your email address will allow you to receive BVL Notices on upcoming vents. Your email will not be released to outside agencies. The BVL Website also contains rules, schedules, and standings. The Website and Hotline also provide urgent information such as weather cancellations. The BVL information can also be obtained at various social nights so come on out!

I am joining the BVL not only to play volleyball, but also to meet new people and have fun. Does the BVL provide any social events I can attend?

Yes. The BVL has a Social Committee that plan and run many fun events. Check out their page on this Website here! The biggest and most attended event by far is the weekly social nights at local establishments every Thursday night. A typical Social Night will have over 200 people in attendance. There are always door prizes and food specials. Attend with your team or show up alone.

I want to improve my skill level and/or my team's skill level, how can I do that?

The BVL provides various skills clinics where you or your team can attend and learn both basic skills and advanced skills. Most skill clinics are sold out so you have to book early. Clinics are run by local volleyball coaches and are another excellent way to play more volleyball and meet new people!

Does the BVL have Playoffs and when are they held?

All BVL Divisions have a season ending Playoff. All teams make the playoffs either in a Championship or Consolation round. Prizes are given to playoff winning teams in each Level. Past prizes have been typically jackets, sweatshirts, tee shirts, or gym bags.

I would really like to help run part of the BVL but I do not know where to start. I'm scared I might take on too much.

The BVL is always looking for new people to help with its operations. Usually, new volunteers are given small tasks to do, which cater to their interests and personal skills. A good start is to attend the monthly Executive meetings and sit and watch. Just talk to one of the Executive, call the Hotline or send us an email. That is how all of us got started as BVL Volunteers.


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