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The Brampton Volleyball League considers the safety of our members and community partners to be of paramount importance. As such, as we look towards a fully re-opened Ontario and its effects on recreational sports organizations like our own, BVL has developed and implemented detailed directives on how we can effectively manage our ‘Return to Play’ objectives.  A COVID-19 Oversight Group has been assembled, acting as the first point of contact for league members, community partners, and City officials, etc. and a thorough list of COVID-19 protocols has been compiled for reference/adherence, which can be found here:  CLICK TO VIEW


  • The fee structure shall be determined by the Board.
  • Registration will not be accepted without full payment.
  • The League will accept a predetermined number of Individual entries for each Division. The BVL will assist these individuals to organize themselves into teams.
  • Refunds and transfers are subject to a service charge and will not be issued prior to the end of Realignment.
  • If an individual registrant leaves the League before the beginning of Realignment, the BVL will retain a $20 Service Charge. If a team departs before the start of Realignment, the BVL will retain $50 as a Service Charge.
  • Prior to the beginning of Realignment, an Individual may join an existing team. A refund will not be issued until a completed Transfer Request form is submitted to the Administrator. The BVL will retain a $10 service charge to cover administrative costs.
  • After re-alignment, refunds to Individuals entries will only be issued for the following reasons: INJURY, MOVING, PREGNANCY. No refund will be granted prior to Executive approval. All applicable service charges will be deducted from the gross amount. A deduction will be made to offset the cost of games played.
  • If a person withdraws from a Team entry, the BVL is not obliged to refund any portion of the Team entry fee.
  • The Board reserves the right to amend team names. Similar names create confusion and misunderstandings. No team will be allowed to change their team name before the end of Realignment.


  • BVL Communication Policy: All information is for the sole use of the Brampton Volleyball League related events.
  • Each team must provide the name, phone number (home & work), of a designated Captain.
  • Each Team captain must designate a co-captain.  The co-captain must be from a separate household and maintain a separate email address.
  • The BVL Administrator will contact the Captain via email or telephone to convey important or time-sensitive information.  It is the responsibility of the Captain or designated co-captain to convey all information to the members of their team.
  • The BVL provide various modes of communications:
    • E-Mail:
    • Website:
    • Direct messaging via Facebook and Instagram
    • Printed material distributed at BVL events (i.e. schedules, flyers, and newsletters)
    • A post office box: Brampton Volleyball League, P.O. Box 68557,Great Lakes Postal Outlet, Brampton, Ontario, L6R 0J8
  • A representative of each team will be required to attend the Captains meetings.


  • Each Individual team (hereafter referred to as 'Indy Teams') will be required to designate a Captain and Alternate Captain.
  • If Indy teams are having problems with their players (example: not attending games), the Captain or Alternate Captain is required to contact League Administrator. If an Indy Team requires players, they must first claim them off of the BVL Waiting List.


  • The eligibility of any individual, or team, shall be determined by the Board. The minimum age to play in any BVL Adult Division is 18 years.
  • A member may be listed on the roster on only one team per division. Only players confirmed on the team roster are eligible to play. A player cannot be on more than one roster in a single Division.
  • Before the end of realignment, each team must complete a team roster. The roster shall identify all regular players and spares.. The Board has the right to deny any proposed roster change. Players who are not on the roster will not be eligible to participate. A cut-off date for roster changes will be determined at the Initial Captain's Meeting. No roster changes will be allowed after that date unless authorized by the BVL Executive. Roster changes must be submitted, by phone or email, prior to the player's first game
  • All players will be required to sign the BVL waiver form which must be submitted before the start of the regular season.
  • Failure to submit a roster, may result in the forfeiture of all wins until acceptable documentation is received by the Administrator. Forfeited wins will not be reinstated.
  • For a player to leave one team and join another, requires the completion of a "Player Transfer Form" and payment of the $10 transfer fee. Once the transfer is approved, the BVL will contact the Captains of the affected teams.
  • If player eligibility is in question, a player must, upon request, provide one piece of picture identification to allow proper verification. The information will be recorded on the score sheet and the match will continue "under protest". Only Directors, Convenors, Captains, Referees/On-Site Coordinators and the Administrator may request eligibility confirmation. If the identity of a participant can be established, despite the absence of picture identification, the Board will decide his/her eligibility. If the participant is deemed to be ineligible, the games in which they played will be forfeit. The referee will notify teams if any game is being played under protest.
  • Prior to the playoffs, each Head Referee/On-Site Coordinator will be provided with a copy of the Rosters. Disputes concerning eligibility must be directed to the Head Referee/On-Site Coordinator in any given facility. If the Head Referee/On- Site Coordinator can confirm the identity of the disputed individual, the person may be permitted to play. The game may be played under protest. If the Board determines that the player is ineligible, the games in which they played, will be forfeit.


  • Participants must accept the referees decisions with sportsmanlike conduct, without disputing them. In case of doubt, clarification may be requested only through the game captain. Participants must refrain from actions or attitudes aimed at influencing the decisions of the referees or covering up faults committed by their team. Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of fair play, not only towards the referees, but also towards other officials, the opponents, team-mates and spectators. Communication between team members during the match is permitted.
  • Inappropriate behavior, or indebtedness to the BVL, may result in a suspension or sanction. Permanent expulsion shall require a majority decision by the Board. The Board shall determine if any refund is warranted.
  • Refusal to comply with a request from a representative of the BVL may result in sanctions which affect the entire team.
  • The BVL utilizes gymnasiums owned by public institutions (i.e. City of Brampton, Peel Board of Education, Dufferin-Peel Separate Schools etc.). Members shall respect the policies / restrictions which are imposed by the property owner. Spectators under the age of 19 are not allowed in the facilities during BVL Adult Programs. There shall be no smoking, drinking, eating, chewing of gum or use of profanity in the facilities. Access within the facilities shall be restricted to the gymnasiums, change rooms, washrooms and the corridors that connect them to the building entrance.
  • Failure to comply with a BVL rule may result in the interruption of a game. If the transgressor continues to defy the instructions of an authorized BVL representative (i.e. a referee, a convenor, an instructor, the Administrator, or a Director), their team may be assigned a default. If the objectionable conduct persists, the individual, or the team, may be subject to additional penalties.
  • Any person who commits an act of aggression (physical or verbal) at a BVL event will be immediately suspended from participation in any BVL activities. A Disciplinary Committee must then investigate the incident which may result in further sanctions, up to and including permanent expulsion
  • A Disciplinary Committee will consist of at least three Directors from the BVL Executive, none of whom can be a party to the incident. The Disciplinary Committee will be formed, investigate the incident, and respond within 7 days from the date of the incident. All involved parties will be advised of the Committee's findings and of any disciplinary measures that result.
  • A decision of the Disciplinary Committee may be appealed to the full Board of Directors, none of whom can be a party to the incident. The appeal must commence within 48 hours of the receipt of notification of the Disciplinary Committee's decision. The appeal must be in the form of a signed letter delivered to the BVL Administrator or to a member of the Board of Directors. The incident shall be reviewed and within 7 days the plaintiff will be advised of the decision. All suspensions shall remain in effect during the appeal process.
  • A Team Captain may protest any game when they feel their opponent or referee is in violation of a BVL rule. Any BVL member not participating in the game in question may also protest the game if they feel the teams or referees are in violation of a BVL rule. A referee's ball handling calls are not grounds for protesting a game.
  • The person protesting the game must immediately inform the Referee/On-site Coordinator and the affected Captains that the game is being played under protest. It is also considered sportsmanlike to provide the offending team(s) the opportunity to correct the perceived problem.
  • A team may lose a protest for being unsportsmanlike, even when they are in the right.
  • If a protest cannot be resolved during the game in question, then it should be submitted in writing to the BVL Administrator within 7 days. Unsigned protests will not be considered. Within 7 days of the receipt of the protest, a member of the Board or a Co-ordinator will respond. All concerned parties will be notified of the decision. Within the framework of existing BVL Rules, the Directors have the authority to take any necessary action to resolve the dispute.
  • Any team that defaults games on an entire evening during the season will receive a written warning from the League Executive. A second evening of defaults will lead to another written warning and a fine from the League Executive. A third evening of defaults will result in another fine.  Any subsequent evening of defaults may result in ejection from the BVL for the remainder of the season. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED! The BVL reserves the right to deny the team (or its members) entry in subsequent seasons. Teams comprised of Individual Entries may be given special consideration.


Performance Bonds will be NO LONGER  be collected as part of registration. Instead, teams which are in violation of certain BVL Policies will be fined under the following system. It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that his/ her team is aware of these policies

  • PENALTIES: Teams may be penalized for any of the following. A team that is penalized will be placed under suspension until the performance fine has been paid, and received by the executive.
  • Defaults: Any team that defaults games on two (full) evenings during the season will receive a warning from the League Executive and will be fined. 
    • 1st evening of Defaults: Warning from the Executive Board Members
    • 2nd evening of Defaults: $50.00
    • 3rd evening of Defaults: Additional $50.00
    • 4th evening of Defaults: Possible ejection from the BVL without refund.
  • Rosters: Rosters must be completed by the first night of regular season play.  A completed roster must have the same number of players listed AND confirmed in accordance with the division of play. (i.e. comp 6s must have at least 6 players, three of which must be female).  Teams may continue to add players to their roster during the season, up to the cut off date determined at the captains meeting.
    • Failure to submit Completed Roster by due date: $50.00
  • Organizational Meetings: This refers to Captain's Meetings, Annual General Meetings (AGM) and any additional meetings deemed necessary for the continuation of the BVL.  Each team must have a minimum one representative at the designated meetings.
    • Failure to have proper representation: $50.00
  • Code of Conduct: Examples of Conduct that may result in disciplinary action and fines:
    • Drinking alcohol in the Gyms/Facilities/Parking Lots
    • Unsportsmanlike Behavior towards any member/referee or organizer
    • Damaging/Destroying facility property
    • Using Illegal players not on your roster
    • Fines to be determined by the disciplinary committee


  • It is understood that there are inherent physical risks associated with any sport. People will be hit by balls during the course of a game. It is not uncommon for individuals to come in contact with other participants and the gymnasium equipment. Sprained ankles, broken fingers etc. may result from participation in this sport. The BVL will be held harmless against any claims, direct or indirect, associated with personal injuries sustained at a BVL event. It is understood that all players accept these risks as a condition of participation.
  • To ensure the safety of all concerned, the Board reserves the right to deny an individual the opportunity to participate in a BVL event. The reason for such an action must be explained to the Directors and to the offending party. This may, or may not, relate to the physical state of an individual.
  • Representatives of the BVL (including Directors, Co-ordinators, Referees/On-Site Coordinators and Administrators) may conclude, cancel, or modify an event if they have a concern related to safety.
  • Prior to further participation, any player who discovers that she is pregnant must submit a Doctor's note to the League Executive. The note must confirm that the risks of personal injury to the mother and/or fetus associated with physical activities involved in volleyball play have been discussed and the participant has agreed to accept all responsibility for such risks in order to continue playing.
  • The Board will provide clarification concerning the interpretation of the BVL rules.
  • All commitments and/or information (spoken or written), pertaining to the BVL or the BRAMPTON VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE, must be pre-approved by the BVL Board of Directors.
  • During regular season teams will typically play an average of 80 minutes per week.
  • Realignment is the process of ranking teams. Teams will play a series of short games to determine the level where they will begin the Regular Season. New teams and teams made up of individual entries, are slotted into positions in the existing ladder. Realignment enables teams to move up, and down the ladder each week.

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